At senator we have purpose built machinery and hand crafted ways of processing all types of wall coverings from beaded stocks and flock wallpapers to vinyl and wide width, whether on reel or roll form,

We have the right equipment to back roll, cut, print and process.




We take precision and care when processing your wallpaper stock. At senator we know each wallpaper is different from various base substrates, thicknesses and finishes.

With our processing equipment and experienced staff we can process a mass range of wallpaper stocks effortlessly.  


The printing element is a very important part of our process, making sure all technical information and imagery is thoroughly checked before printing. Our print methods include digital or litho off set print, both of which can produce high quality, and efficient back print information to the reverse of wallpaper.

We can also incorporate 4 colour printed back print information



Our cover options are immense, our team can advise on all aspects of the main cover from design and layout to  book cloths and printed laminated stocks,   detail finishes we offer in house include  foil blocking and screen print, de-boss and em-bossing. additional book add-ons such as bespoke colour matched corners, handles, eyelets and nails really make your books stand out in the market place.