Our fabric processing team are very skilled in there field,

handling all types of fabric


velvets and chenilles,

cottons and sheers,

with many treatment options 

and styles

from single printed tape

to a full four colour printed frame,

overlocked, pinked

or straight cut.




We offer a range of treatments, to finish our fabrics including overlocking, pinking and straight cut and spraying. 

also revers of fabric treatments include a printed frame or tape and also different paper stocks such as heat sealed backed, FLBA  woven, clear mylar stock or paper backed.  


Our fabric books speak for themselves, the range of styles we offer are massive from simple clear plastic apron to front cover aperture, our cover making equipment and skilled staff help to create unique cover options to best display your fabric ranges.



When it comes to your fabric stock we have a wealth of staff experience with all types of fabrics from high pile velvets and leathers, to light cottons and sheers.