Our experienced flooring sampling division can help create beautifully displayed swivel swatches, mounted cards and books.

We offer various styles and options to suit carpet, vinyl and the wooden flooring sector.



Carpets, vinyl's and hard flooring all have a lot of variables in terms of make up, from  high-pile twilled carpets to re-enforced  coated vinyl.

Our experienced team and our in house cutting and treating equipment can deal with all types of flooring. 



We offer a wide range of finishes to your flooring needs, some of our services include carpet whipping, smooth touch finish on our hard floor sampling and various product information options such as direct print to vinyl stocks, blocking or screen printing onto hard wood stocks, and labels or sewn tags on carpet sampling.


Our wealth of experience in the sampling and pattern book trade means we can suggest the most durable and popular presentation options to best display your carpet, hard floor and vinyl sampling products. Some of our options include swivel swatches, pattern cards, binders and swatch books .